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Regional Air Monitoring and Warning

Regional Air Monitoring and Warning

       BME "regional grid monitoring and warning system" covers the monitoring of atmospheric environment, environmental informatization and control of industrial sewage process in the industrial park.
       It combines the technical achievements of atmospheric monitoring, environmental big data model, cloud analysis, etc., to get the source, spatial distribution and evolution trend of the regional unorganized particulates and VOCs. In addition, the diffusion range and extent of particulates and VOCs are simulated to provide early warning.
       At the same time, the system can monitor the whole emission area, conducts early warning of pollutant diffusion trend and emission source traceability analysis etc. It is also available to the unified inquiry of the air pollutant monitoring information in the industrial area to form the dynamic assessment mechanism of regional air pollutant discharge status and the regional atmospheric environment status and provide data information and scientific supporting management decisions for the development of energy-saving and emission reduction plan or emergency plan.
       The monitoring and early warning system of BME strictly implements national policies for unorganized emissions pollution prevention and control, and conducts unorganized emission monitoring and early warning to provide effective support for the administrative department to conduct pollution treacibility,plan formulation, source control,pollutant transport channel analysis, liability investigating, multidimensional forensics, and comprehensive evaluation. thus the fugitive emission can be controlled in a scientific way according to the evidence and the law.

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