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       According to the difficulties of dust control in different production processes and industries, BME develops a comprehensive regional dust control system to minimize dust pollution.

       BME's comprehensive dust control system combines different dust controlling technology, including Bionano membrane dust suppression technology, dry fog dust suppression technology, airtight dust proof technology and mechanical dust collection technology, capturing the dust at different times according to the different stages of dust generation, and adopting responded dust suppression equipment in accordance with the dust generation characteristics and dust features. It is energy saving, environmental friendly and more effective for the comprehensive regional dust control. It can be applied to industrial sites with unorganized dust emission, such as steel, electric power, cement, mining, building materials, construction waste recycling, storage yards, ports and other industries to effectively reduce fine particle emissions, prevent and control PM10 and PM2.5 pollution and smog.

       In addition, the BME integrated dust suppression system is equipped with the BME cloud intelligent control system. The system equipment is automatically controlled through the network. The cloud intelligent system automatically controls the system load level and the use of the nano membrane preparation according to the dust volume or dust concentration. The whole system can greatly reduce manpower cost, avoid wrong operation, automatically allocate parameters, save energy consumption while effectively controlling dust, support long-term and stable operation of the system, and reduce system operation and maintenance costs.

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