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The World’s Leading Dust Suppression Technology Except for Bag Filter

Release Date:2019-01-24 Author:bomeidikang
       At present, the domestic dust control can be grouped into two schools, which are control after emission and dust suppression at source. The former focuses on the collection and capture of dust after emission, while the later suppress the generation and emission of dust at source.

       Based on years of fugitive dust control experience, BME has summarized the “intelligent comprehensive dust suppression” concept. If you take control after emission as temporary solution and suppressing dust at source as permanent cure, then the “intelligent comprehensive dust suppression” addresses both symptoms and root.

       BME always adheres to “controlling dust by the most suitable technology rather than the best technology”. Each dust discharge site has its own feature, only by choosing the right solution to control the dust at source, systematic allocation and customization, can the emission meet the standard, the operation environment be optimized and the costs be saved.

       The comprehensive dust suppression technologies of BME:

       Bionano Membrane Dust Suppression

       Bionano Membrane Dust Suppression technology is patented by BME. This technology maximizes the ductility of water molecules through nanometer double ionospheric membrane which has strong charge adsorption; the small particles of dust can be attracted and aggregated into large particles by spraying the bionano membrane on the surface of materials, then it falls to the ground as its weight increases.

       The dust removal rate of Bionano Membrane Dust Suppression technology reaches more than 99%, and the average operating cost is 0.05~0.5 yuan/ton.

       At present, the common dust suppression equipment in the market includes Bionano, Hybrid, Dust Suppression Pioneer and Super Hybrid System.

       Bionano: an important equipment of BME’s air purification solution. It controls the dust produced in the process of material production at source by using bionano membrane. Combining with intelligent control and professional design of the feed position, perfect dust control effect can be achieved.

Dust removal method Factory situation Water pollution Energy consumption Dust removal rate Device needs to be added Benefit General effect
Bag filter Enclosed workshop is needed,
The installation is time consuming
partial pollution High high-end product≥90%;
low-end product ≤50%
Special purpose heating equipment is needed. The machine is easy to wear out; high input but slow recovery Modest
BME Bionano membrane dust suppression Open operation;
no special workshop required
Pollution free Low Bionano is customized according to the requirements of Users; the removal rate reaches more than 98%. Bionano has its own thermal insulation system; no special heating equipment is needed. Less investment and faster recovery Effective

       Dust Suppression Pioneer: A comprehensive dust suppression equipment that combines the BME’s bionano membrane dust suppression technology and ion superfine water mist technology, providing multiple dust suppression modes, including bionano membrane liquid infiltration dust suppression and ionizing water mist dust suppression. It is efficient and economic.

       Super Hybrid System: Super hybrid system is a customized dust suppression product centered on the specific requirements of customers. Besides, it consists of different functional modules customized according to the attribute of materials and dust in the working spot and the environmental characteristics, including nano membrane, water mist, dry fog and remote data collection and control. This system can remove dust efficiently and has wide applicability. It easy to install and maintain.

       Dry Fog Dust Expression

       Dry Fog Expert: It captures dust by forming fine "clouds" and suppresses the dust at source. Besides, it can effectively solve the problem of unorganized dust emission in partially closed/semi-closed state, such as dust removal in loading and unloading areas such as feed hoppers and feeders.

       EZ Turbine Ⅰ: The turbine dry fog system is used to filter the water from the screen of the rotary spray nozzle and form a uniform dry fog wall through the wind force of the turbine to suppress dust, odor and smog.

       EZ Turbine Ⅱ:Fog Expert II is equipped with special nozzles, advanced valve technology and high-performance fans and can adjust the flow and droplet size to achieve effective positioning, pure electric drive, longer range.

       Three Dust Collecting Devices

       Filter Cartridge Dust Collector: It adopts a variety of cylindrical pleated filter material, which can efficiently absorb dry dust particles. The dust removal efficiency is much higher than the traditional bag filter and the emission of harmful substances can be reduced greatly.

       Typhoon: Typhoon is a kind of effective wet filtration and dust collection equipment, whose vanes are designed in accordance with dynamics principle. When the dust contained gas enters into the water curtain for filtration, the dust will be dissolved into the water with the hedging of gas and water and subsides itself under the centrifugal force. After filtration, the clean gas will be discharged after dehumidification. 

       Compared with traditional dust removal equipment, the operation costs of the Typhoon is low and there is no need to change filtration material. During the whole process, only water is needed to remove the dust, and it can be recycled. The filtration efficiency is high, and the exhaust gas filtration rate is over 90%. The equipment works automatically during the whole process, and can be started and stopped according to the requirement of the system so as to reduce labor cost. It is applicable to the dust removal of flammable and explosive industry. 

       Industrial Vacuum Cleaner: Industrial vacuum cleaners absorb dust, solids and liquids at the same time and are equipped with side blower motors for excellent suction performance and consistent operation. A filter with the right surface area and precision ensures that the motor is protected while providing excellent vacuuming.

       Dust-removal Equipment

       Wind Fence: It is suitable for stacking yard dust suppression, small tailings treatment and other places, and can effectively reduce wind velocity by more than 60% and reduce material loss by 80-90%. The wall is made of  small-aperture fiber fabric, which is resistant to violent pulling, light in weight and durable; it is supported by super-tough structural steel, and the height of the wall is increased by 100%; roof can be added to ensure all-around coverage; the span reaches to 30 meters, and the cost and construction difficulty can be the greatly reduced.

       EZ Drop: Combined with advanced telescopic technology and dust suppression technology, it adopts dust-proof design and wraps the blank tightly. The telescopic groove can automatically rise and fall with the blanking material to eliminate dust emission.

       Easy Skirt: The self-developed belt closing system can be freely adjusted according to the belt arc to seal the material conveying belt system tightly.

       BME Cloud Intelligent Controlling System

       Each device is intelligently controlled through the network. The system automatically controls the load of the system and the amount of nano membrane preparation according to the dust production volume or dust concentration, and effectively reducing the amount of nano membrane preparation and water while controlling the dust.

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