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BME: For a Clean Tomorrow

Release Date:2019-01-24 Author:bomeidikang
       BioMintec Environmental Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd (BME) is a world leading third-party provider of air pollution control service. Adhering to the principle of "For a clean tomorrow", BME dedicates to help enterprises, industrial parks, government and society to overcome difficulties in the control and monitoring of dust and VOCs. It's service covers many industries including steel, electric power, metallurgy, mining, roads, yards, chemistry, printing and packaging, automotive spraying, coating, furniture and dyeing, etc.  

       BME has become the preferred partner of many enterprises that top 500 in the world, including Magang (Group) Holding Company Ltd., Shandong Zhaojin Group Co., Ltd., HBIS Group Co., Ltd, Dacromet, which is a leading enterprise in coating, Formica, MCC, OPEIN, 3M China and CymMetrik, etc. All these enterprises have solved the pollution problems by adopting the comprehensive air pollution control solution of BME.

       BME focuses on technology innovation, supports mode innovation, and spears no effort to promote third-party environmental protection services. All the core products of BME, including BASV regional dust removal, RTO, CTO, ACND and regional air grid-based monitoring system are efficient and energy saving.

       Doing a project, building a monument. As a leading company in environmental protection industry, BME constantly seeks for self-innovation and service variation. BME has been awarded the “National Key New Product”, “National Key Environmental Protection Technology” “National Key Environmental Protection Demonstration Project”, “Green Mine Practical Technology Advanced Equipment” and “Geneva International Invention Award”, etc., for its products, technologies and projects. It has also been designated as “New High-tech Enterprise”, “Specialized New Enterprise”, “Little Giant Incubating Enterprise” and “Leading Talent Enterprise”.

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