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BME Was Selected as the Only Dust Removal Partner of the World's Largest Mine

Release Date:2019-01-24 Author:bomeidikang
       Located on the south bank of the Yangtze river, a project called “Shenshan Aggregate Project” is about to rank at the top of the world’s  green mining industry of building material. Here, uniformed BME employees are building an integrated dust removal system for the world's largest aggregate mine.

       According to the “Mineral Resources Development and Utilization Plan” approved by the state, the project adopts open-pit mining and drift-orepass development  method, and the production scale is determined to be 70 million tons/year. The mine covers an area of nearly 10,000 mu, which is 10 times the size of the largest foreign mine of the same kind. It is also the largest building material mine for open-pit mining so far.

       In order to protect the environment, the total investment of “Shenshan Aggregate Project” is about 10 billion yuan. The whole project adopts advanced mining technology. It is required that pollution prevention and control facilities be designed, constructed and put into use at the same time with the main project, which means high requirements for safety and environmental protection.

Press Conference of the Shenshan Aggregate Project

       The rock is limestone and there are as many as 2000 dust sources scattered in the ore processing system. The ordinary dust removal system can hardly meet the overall dust removal requirements and the latest environmental protection standards. Besides, the traditional dust removal system is power consuming and needs huge investment and operation cost. What’s more, the traditional technology cannot tackle with many technological difficulties, such as dust harden.

       Based on more than 200 comprehensive dust removal systems and 40 patents, BME’s engineer customized the “3.0 BASV Comprehensive Dust Suppression and Removal System for Super Large Mine” by collecting data from the site, surveying the process route and collecting ore and dust samples for experiment in BME’s dust suppression laboratory.

       Based on Bionano technology, this system controls the dust during the process and captures it at the end. It is a combination of many advanced technologies and stands for the latest international concept of fugitive dust removal. It not only solves many technical problems in dust removal, but also minimizes operating costs while meeting the dust removal standards. Therefore, it is a comprehensive dust suppression technology which is suitable for different dust source and for the Shenshan Aggregate Project.

       In multiple rounds of review organized by project developers and domestic professional design institutes, BME's dust removal system stood out from many competitors. As the first domestic enterprise with rich comprehensive dust control experience, BME was finally selected as the only partner of Shenshan Aggregate Project.

       On the busy work site, the employees of BME has started the project in an orderly manner. It is reported that after the completion of Shenshan Aggregate Project, the Yangtze river delta region, Chongqing Province and Hubei province will be included in its service range. This project will have a huge impact on the sand and gravel industry along the Yangtze river and even the whole country. After the project is completed and put into operation, it will rank at the top of the industry and make an example in improving the quality of aggregate and protecting the environment of the mine.

Project Construction Site

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