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Why Does Grid-based Monitoring Become a New Trend of Accurate Control of Haze?

Release Date:2018-07-17 Author:bomeidikang
       At present, with the launch of “Three-year Action Plan of Blue-Sky Protection Campaign”, government and enterprises are on the road to control haze. The grid monitoring system has become a new trend for accurate haze control because it can provide data and technique support for environment monitoring and ii is accurate and scientific and efficient in haze control.

       Grid-based monitoring system, as the name suggests, divides cities or industrial parks into girds for air pollution prevention and control. By distributing high density monitoring spots, the regional grids can be monitored completely, the pollution source can be traced in real time, the pollution situation can be reflected objectively, and the pollution causes be analyzed comprehensively.

       Specifically, the grid-based monitoring system forms a "skynet" for air monitoring, which can superimpose, compare, analyze and calibrate the collected data with the existing standard station monitoring data. By combining these data, a spatial-temporal dynamic trend map can be formed to obtain the monitoring data of atmospheric particulate concentration of a region. Based on the background data analysis system of GIS, the data can be screened, calibrated, analyzed and the dynamic map be drawn so as to analyze the dynamic trend of the particulate matter concentration, determine the source of pollution, trace the trend of pollutant diffusion, monitor the pollution source to the greatest extent and provide basis for environmental law enforcement and decision-making.

       Taking conventional industrial parks as an example, many industries involved are characterized by high emission intensity and concentration, various pollutants and long duration. Their influence on the regional air quality is significant. Thus, the monitoring of fugitive emission still faces many problems:

       1) Difficulty in monitoring: Many industries are involved in unorganized emissions from man-made sources, especially the industrial sources. At present, there is no authoritative emission list. Besides, there are many enterprises, so it is difficult to distribute monitoring station. Furthermore, there is also a lack of human resource.
       2) Difficulty in analysis: The industrial pollution sources include many pollution producing links, and each link connects with different fugitive emission channels of enterprises, which makes it difficult to trace the source of air pollution and conduct early warning.
       3) Difficulty in investigating legal responsibility: It is difficult to collect evidence and there is no clear evaluation indicators, systems and legal accountability system, it is difficult to investigate legal responsibility and perform effective management.
       The grid-based monitoring system of BME provides effective solution for tackling these difficulties.

BME Regional Monitoring and Early Warning System
       The “regional grid monitoring and warning system” of BME is suitable for the air monitoring of industrial park, the environmental informationization and the industrial emission process control, etc.

       The system can monitor the source, distribution and trend of the regional fugitive particulate matters and exhaust gas accurately and fastly in real time, and the cost can be reduced. Besides, the system simulates the diffusion scope and extant of the fugitive particulate matters so as to conduct early warning.

       At the same time, the system is available for the overall monitoring of emission area, warning of pollutants diffusion trend, tracing and analyzing of emission source, etc. In addition, it supports the unified query of air pollutant monitoring information in industrial areas and has formed a dynamic evaluation system for the regional air pollutant emission status and regional atmospheric environment status to provide reliable data and scientific supporting decision.

       The regional monitoring and early warning system of BME strictly implements national policies for the prevention and control of fugitive emissions pollution, to monitor and conduct warning on the fugitive emission, and provide data for the administrative department to trace pollution source, make plan, control pollution at the source, analyze pollutant transport channel, claim responsibility in accordance with the law, conduct multidimensional forensics and comprehensive assessment and control the fugitive emission scientifically according to the law and evidence.

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