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Dust Removal Case

Shenshan Aggregate Project

Site area: nearly 1,647 acres
Production scale: 70 million tons / year
Rock type: limestone
Governance system: BASV super large mine integrated dust suppression system3.0        Because it is limestone, there are more than 2,000 dust pollution points in the ore processing system of this project. This system is based on Bionano- dust source suppression technology, precise control of the process, and precise dust collection at the end, which is the collection of many advanced technologies.
       The scheme also represents the new international concept of unorganized dust removal. It not only solves many technical problems in dust removal, but also minimizes operating expenses on the basis of dust removal standards. It is suitable for dealing with different single categories of dust spots. Comprehensive control of the overall integrated dust suppression solution for the entire Shenshan aggregate project site.

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